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  • High temperature tape glue doses tested
  • [2013-04-16]
  • High temperature tape glue dose tested, home improvement left more formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances 90% from the plate used in the home improvement, putty Phi gray paint which chemical glue, it is learned. The main raw material of chemical glue formaldehyde and benzene have been recognized as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization. The experts reminded the public, before the renovation must be careful to buy glue, as the main material in the main material to buy, economic conditions permit, as far as possible to choose more environmentally friendly glue and sheet.
    Subject Matter and Scope This standard specifies the method with glass electrode pH meter to determine the pH of the adhesive and its main component.
    Its electromotive force and the pH value of the solution, the present specification applies to the high temperature double-sided tape water-soluble, dry or water-free medium, and can be dissolved, dispersed and suspended in water Determination of the pH value of the adhesive. General principles for measurement principle reference specification GB6682 laboratory use - Specification the GB9724 chemical reagent pH of the glass electrode and calomel electrode immersed in the same solution to be measured constitute the original battery. The pH value of the solution can be obtained by measuring the electromotive force of the galvanic cell. Reagents 4.1 Distilled water: according to the the GB6682 three water. 4.2 buffer solution: the preparation of GB9724 instrument 5.1 pH meter: Accuracy 0.1pH units. 5.2 thermostatic bath: for (25 ± 1 ° C (can also be adhesive addition to determine the temperature) 5.3 beaker: the volume of 100mL5.4 graduated cylinder: Volume 50mLo
    Each sample was approximately 50mL adhesive. Polyimide tape sample to take three samples of each adhesive sample. Formaldehyde has been plagued by man-made ??sheet metal furniture and its related products birth defects, the home improvement process. R & D and non-toxic glue and zero formaldehyde series plate victory plate the furniture completely farewell formaldehyde.

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