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  • About the high-temperature hot melt adhesive main purpose is generally reflected in what areas
  • [2013-04-18]
  • High temperature hot melt adhesive: about the main use of the high-temperature hot melt adhesive ordinary today which

    1, multi-purpose solvent-based hot melt
    In the production of medium temperature hot melt adhesive, such as: hot melt transfer, LCD seal, wallpaper anti-counterfeiting, calligraphy and painting wall paper, computer printing, food production date typing, the wire and cable agents coding is applied hot melt performance, but can not use the existing dosage form of pellets or powder, liquid shall not be made ??in the presence of a suitable solvent, coated on a certain substrate to obtain a thin and uniform film, to be used for the production of the later steps. Due to the different types of solute (hot melt), a variety of useful solvent-based hot melt.
    Furniture Edge hot melt
    China is the lack of timber country, in addition to a small amount of high-quality furniture wood, usually most of the furniture fibreboard, wood shavings or sawdust board production, furniture board edge parts must be used hot melt Edge bonding, increase the sense of beauty, resembles wood furniture.
    3, fabric hot melt
    Mainly used, for example, like the production of shoes, hats. Use the plastic clothing not only has the crisp, plump appearance quality, there is a natural gentle washed and can be worn without ironing. Use the plastic shoes, hats lightweight, breathable, shape retention, especially for the footwear industry, but also comfortable to wear, reduce the advantages of smelly shoes.
    4, packing and binding books with hot melt
    , Such as food, beverages, instant noodles, cigarettes, beer, pharmaceutical packaging sealing, mostly in warm sol done through sealing machine. Binding books industry now repealed the old line, binding, switch to the hot melt adhesive system process, not only improve the quality of binding and, more importantly, greatly accelerate the binding speed
    5, hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive
    Mainly used for women's sanitary napkins, children's diapers, disease mattress shame, elderly incontinence products. Especially the latter, with the structure of our population aging. Since then the needs of the elderly incontinence products will increase rapidly.

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